Haunted by Life


5 October 1988
Does it really fukin matter?
3 doors down, acdc, adult swim, afi, all-american rejects, amy lee, angelina jolie, animals, black, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, black nails, blink 182, blonde hair, blood, body piercings, bondage, brackish, carrie, cats, chains, charlotte, cheese, choke, chokers, chows, collars, computer, concerts, corsets, dashboard confessional, death, depression, disturbed, dog collars, dogs, don henrie, dreams, evanescence, eyeliner, eyes, fallen, family guy, fear, fish nets, fishnet, fishnets, foamy, food, fountains of wayne, friends, german shepards, giggling, girls, guitar, hate, hatred, horror, horror movies, hot wax, hottopic, hyperness, icecream, immortal, joey jordison, kittie, korn, lacuna coil, lies, life, linkin park, lip service, love, mad mad house, manson, marilyn manson, maroon 5, metallica, mice, mudvayne, muffins, murderdolls, mushroomhead, music, my chemical romance, nailpolish, night, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, no doubt, origin, otep, other stuff, ozzy, ozzy osbourne, paperdoll, peircings, piano, piercings, pink floyd, poems, poetry, posters, psychiatric disorders, puddle of mudd, purple, rain, rainstorms, raven, ravens, red, retarts, rock music, rocky horror picture show, sadness, safetypins, seether, shard, showering, silence, simple plan, singing, slipknot, snakes, soup, spikes, spit, sum 41, system of a down, t.a.t.u, talena, talena atfield, tatu, the all american rejects, the crow, the eagles, the nightmare before christmas, three days grace, tigers, tongue, trapt, tripp, trippin, vampires, whisper, winter, wolves, writing, www.evanescence.com